ACPA’s 2020 National Excellence in Concrete Pavement Awards

Chippewa Concrete Services and Trierweiler Construction Company each receiving awards!

“Excellence in Concrete Pavement”

Each year the Wisconsin Concrete Pavement Association submits the state Wisconsin Department of Transportation concrete paving award to the National “Excellence in Concrete Paving” Award Program sponsored by the American Concrete Pavement Association.  Award winners will be recognized during the Annual “Excellence in Concrete Paving” Awards Program held on Thursday, December 3rd during ACPA’s 57th Annual Meeting. It is during the ceremony that we will learn if each project is a GOLD winner or a SILVER Winner. 

Reconstruction of Belknap Street (USH 2) in the City of Superior.  WCPA member Chippewa Concrete Services paved the project in 2018 and 2019.  It is truly one great paving project that transformed this major street in the heart of the City of Superior. Congratulations to Chippewa Concrete Services Company on winning the award. 

IH39/90 Reconstruction of the Southbound Lanes south of Madison.  WCPA member Trierweiler Construction Company paved the project in 2019.  This paving project is classic rural interstate paving that our industry can be proud of. Congratulations to the Trierweiler Family and their employees on winning the award in the category of Divided Highways (RURAL). 

Good Luck to Chippewa Concrete Services and Trierweiler Construction Company – We hope to be able to deliver a GOLD plaque to hang on your wall!