A Brief History

The Wisconsin Concrete Pavement Association formed in 1952, following President Eisenhower’s announcement of the creation of an interstate highway system. Inspired by his experience on Germany’s Autobahns during WWII, Eisenhower believed a network of highways could help move troops across the U.S. quickly in case of war.

Wisconsin’s concrete paving contractors embraced Eisenhower’s vision. The interstate system meant business for them and jobs for their workers. To take advantage of the opportunity, they decided to organize. By working together as a group, they could work more efficiently with the Wisconsin Highway Department, keep up with advancements in equipment and methods, and make sure Wisconsin received its fair share of Federal dollars.

The first meeting of the WCPA was held at the Plankinton House Hotel in Milwaukee on January 8, 1952. Thirteen companies attended the meeting, chaired by N.M. Isabella. In November 1954, WCPA hired its first Executive Director, G.I. Germond, and has had a professional staff to support our members ever since.